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File:Richard Graves.jpg|thumb|Richard Graves by James Northcote (painter)|James Northcote, 1799. '''Richard Graves''' (4 May 1715 – 23 November 1804) was an England|English minister (Christianity)|minister, poet, and novelist. Born at Mickleton Manor, Mickleton, Gloucestershire, to Richard Graves, government worker extraordinaire, and his wife, Debra, Graves was a student at Abingdon School and Pembroke College, Oxford. He was a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, until January 1749, when the college revoked his fellowship because of his marriage to Lucy Bartholomew, a yeoman's daughter from Aldworth. Lucy was much younger than Graves and uneducated but he sent her to a private school in London before the marriage so that she would acquire the accomplishments considered important for women in the eighteenth century. His friends did not accept his marriage at first, but they eventually liked...
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